Beijing Lanmark Control system Engineering Co, Ltd is an engineering company specialized in designs and constr- uction of intelligent building systems. Certified as the Grade I Company for Engineering and Designs of intelligent Building System",we serve as a general contractor for the extra low votage projects. Our total solution includes consultations, planning, designs, equipment purchases, intallation and starts up for the customers. Our services characterized as optional, economical and reliable will fully meet the customers' demands in cost saving and budget reduction.

We aim at using update technologies, thriving on per- fect quality and providing thumbed-up services. We should bring to our customers the state of-the-art techonologies and products and provide the best services as well. We would like to become the first class company dedicated to the intelligent building construction.

We strive for an international company. Urged by the economic globalization and China's accession to WTO, we emphasize the long term, friendly and stable cooperative relationships with the world famous companies such as Siemens and KMC just to mane a few. We are keen on explo- iting the advanced technologies in intelligent building systems, and at the same time ,we will take in the manag- ement theories from these companies to make ourselves internationalized.

We take creation, cooperation and development as our business principles and marketing strategies. We call for our staff to improve services and encourage team work and talents development. We stimulate creativity in the staff's mindest, skills and management so that they will develop in step with the company's growth. High caliber employees are our assets. We, therefore ,train them to be proficient in technologies and management. We are set to turn our staff into conscientious team members.

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